Ahmed Abdel Tawwab

Ahmed Abdel Tawwab

Born in 1976, Ahmad Abdel Tawwab Gharieb, obtained his BA at the Faculty of Commerce , at Cairo University in 1999. Ahmad's artistic talents were discovered at the university where collective exhibitions were held for interested students. In fact Ahmad participated in each and every exhibition while he was at the university from 1995 till 1999 and received prizes in each.

After his graduation Ahmad knew where his passion lies and got completely involved in Sculpture. He participated in the Salon of Small Artistic Works for 5 consecutive years, starting 1999. Ahmad prefers to sculpt small pieces, using all kinds of media. From the noblest such as bronze or granite to the most organic such as wood.

Ahmad is the recipient of several prizes one of which is: the Encouragement Prize for the National Competition of Fine Arts donated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The talented sculptor loves abstract forms his style is characterized by a geometric feel. Whether he sculpts animal or human figures, lines are always present in his art.

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