Wael Abdel Sabour

Nature in its abstract content has been a rich source of inspiration in my work. Trying to extract the essence of nature rather than to represent its superficial physical appearances, I have produced many works in which I intended to unveil what is hidden beyond the visual. When I review these works they recall instantly many dormant feelings from my memory. Feelings that is associated in my subconscious with certain places and certain people.

The dream of people of all races, religions and origins coexisting peacefully is another area of my interest. I found this dream comes true in some places one of which is Alexandria, the historical Egyptian city on the cost of the Mediterranean Sea. Alexandria is a multinational city where Greek, Italians, French and Egyptians have lived together in a perfect harmony with each other and with their city for several decades. Diversity is the main characteristic of Alexandria and i think that the usual scene of the traditional fishing boats sailing in the Mediterranean Sea offers a wonderful metaphor for such relationship.

Concerning my work processes they are very versatile. Generally I'm pretty much in favor of liberal technical practices and I personally think that the technical borders among different disciplines of art (Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, and Instillation….est.) are fading day after day. I believe that what really matters is the image as a visual cultural product not the techniques by which it has been produced.

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