Wael Abdel Sabour

For Wael Abdel Sabour,? nature in its abstract context,? has been a rich source of inspiration. By attempting to extract the essence of nature rather than to represent its superficial physical appearances, Wael has produced artwork through which he intends to unveil what is hidden beyond the visual.

Wael Abdel Sabour has an another source of inspiration: A dream where people of all races, religions and origins coexist peacefully. A challenging feat,? yet he felt that he found this utopia in a few cities,? of which Alexandria is one. A once multi-?cultural hub where Greeks, Italians, French and Egyptians have lived together in a perfect harmony with each other and their city for decades, and this can be felt in the city's elements even today, which incidentally are elements Wael used in his artworks.

A versatile artist, Wael Abdel Sabour is more concerned with his artwork rather than its technique: His belief being that any material or medium that would lend to the purpose of his meaning will do, and as such he favours the more liberal approach to printmaking rather than the traditional.

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