Ayman El-Saadawy

Ayman Saadawy is a seasoned sculptor whose unique works have been exhibited in Egypt and the region. He has won several awards for his sculptural creations, chief among which is 6 th International Cairo Biennale of Ceramics jury's prize in 2002.

Saadawy tackles people and professions that he was familiar with in his life; people whom he has lived with or witnessed in his childhood growing up, and types of labour he has come across in his day to day life. His lines and compositions are quintessentially Egyptian, telling tales of simple people whether by the coast, the countryside or in the city, by immortalizing them as moments in Bronze.

Saadawy's creations are mainly in Bronze, but he is a versatile sculptor in mixing mediums; his latest works included a seamless coupling between Bronze and Granite. Saadawy's talent and skill are apparent in his sculptures whether they are stationary or mid-movement, with his firm grasp of anatomy and balance, as well as the essence of what it is to be Egyptian.

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