Amina El Demirdash


At a very young age, El-Demirdash discovered her passion for Art whilst still in high school, where she painted and drew profusely, culminating in having her art exhibited in Dubai with her high school peers. After graduating from CAC she attended AUC, where she took the official step to dedicate herself to art by majoring in Fine Arts. Having graduated from University El- Demirdash and two of her fellow artists collaborated on a private, group exhibition that was met with much acclaim and sold out almost overnight. Building on her Bachelor of Arts background from AUC and encouraged by the remarkable success of her first commercial exhibition, El-Demirdash enrolled at the Italian Accademia d'Arte di Firenze, in Italy, where she completed courses in contemporary painting and drawing techniques, maturing and developing her skills.

Upon her return, El- Demirdash was invited to exhibit her work at Egypt's renowned Safarkhan gallery, along with other fellow artists. Based again on the achievements of her participation in past exhibitions, In 2013, El- Demirdash scored yet another landmark achievement; by being chosen amongst a selection of renown artists such as Gazbia Sirry, Zeinab Al Sageny, Rabab Nemr, George Fikry & many more to participate in a group exhibition called 'Master Pieces' at Zamalek Art Gallery,

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