George Fikry

Born and raised in Cairo, George Fikry was awarded with his PhD from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University in 2000.

A vibrant mixture of all the colours of Egypt's history, from the ancient Egyptian heritage, to the Coptic, the Islamic, the Folklore and the Modern, Fikry's paintings are studies of our intricate heritage. His scenes present elements of Egypt's social structure and its effect on its people's emotions.

Combining humour, satire, acute observation and sincerity of emotions, George Fikry's paintings analyze and present the social values of the Egyptian culture, with all it's exciting and sometimes contradictive dispositions.

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George Fikry

Born in Heliopolis, Cairo. Graduated from Art Education Faculty, (Helwan University) Grade honors 1986. Appointed demonstrator at Art Education Faculty (Helwan University) in 1987, and got a Master degree in Art Education in 1994. Appointed Assistant Instructor at the department of Art Education Sciences. Got the Doctorate degree in art education philosophy in 2000. Appointed an instructor at the department of Art Education Sciences. Works as an asisstant professeur at the faculty of art education, Helwan University.

Academic Activities:

1997 Designed the poster and the sixth Academic convention Book cover at the Art Education Faculty Designed the poster and the sixth Academic convention Book cover at the Art Education Faculty,May 1997.

2002 Prepared, organized and ran the first theorization workshop .Entitled "Cultural and creative Dialogue between art learners and contemporary Egyptian artists" to post graduate students (complementary diploma) in the Faculty of art Education , March 2002.

2002 Launched the first issue of "contemporariness in art Education" (Muharram1433 H.) which includes theorization articles and research papers for post graduate students complementary diploma,March 2002.

2003 prepared organized and ran the second theorization workshop entitled "Digital culture theoretical and practical associations" to post-graduate students, (complementary diploma), art education diploma, at the Faculty of Art Education, April 2003.

2003 Launched the second issue of "contemporariness in art Education" (Muharram1434 H.) which includes theorization articles and research papers for post graduate students complementary diploma art education diploma, April 2003.

2005 Travelled to Italy on an academic mission at fine Arts Albertini Academy in Torino University of studies in Rome (La sabinsa) April 2005.

1999 -> 2005 Conducted different activities at the Center of community service and Environment Development through teaching drawing and photography at the Free studies Division of the Faculty of Art Education at Zamalek.

1999 -> 2005 Prepared and organized a display for 30 students in the free studies division, through setting up comprehensive exhibitions for them in the years 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005.

2003 -> 2004 Nominated by Helwan University for an academic mission and he was relegated to teach field art education at Ein Shams University.

. Member of the technical and print design committee and exhibitions committee at the fifth, sixth and eighth conventions of the faculty of Art Education, Zamalek.

. Relegated to teach field art education at Ein Shams University 2003-2004

. Issued three books on art education entitled "introduction to Art Education Teaching "( 2000) Development of educational Thinking "( 2001 ) , and "Origins of Art Education "( 2002 ).

. Published and discussed a research paper entitled " Measuring literal response from Art Education Faculty students about some works made by contemporary Arab plastic artists (Eighth Academic convention Book 2002) Faculty of Art Education.

. Published and discussed a research paper entitled " Role of social and cultural origins of art education in promoting awareness of civilization heritage in face of globalization"( Fourth Academic convention Book 2003) , Faculty of Fine Arts.

. Research entitled "Role of cultural and aesthetic origins of art education in activating child's positive nature to keep pace with society's variables (Girls, College, Ein Shams University), 2005.

. Research paper entitled "Paradox of digital cultural and social dialogue among young Egyptian artists" The parallel convention for the 23 rd Alexandria Biennial for Mediterranean Sea Countries, 2005.

. Research paper entitled "Digital culture as an introduction to enriching art learner in collaboration with Dr. Ahmad Hatem Saieed Faculty of Art Education, 2005.

Seminars & lectures:

1995 A seminar and dialogue session entitled "Youth section at International Cairo Biennial on philosophy" success, and failure at arts complex in Zamalek 8th Feb.

1995 A seminar on "The 24th general exhibition for plastic arts and the seventh young people salon" at arts Complex in Zamalek, 30 Dec.

2000 A lecture and a workshop entitled "The new pioneer of contemporary Egyptian art and the problems of creative dialogue at the beginning of the 21st Century" held in United Arab Emirates, Sharka, 5 Dec.

2002 A Seminar at Hanagir Arts Center entitled "contemporary Egyptian young artists", 11 March.

2003 A seminar entitled "Youth ambitions and developing curricular at art faculties" the parallel convention to the 15th youth salon activities - hold at arts palace in the Egyptian Opera House, 9 Sept.

2004 A Seminar on "Developing Children's creative abilities at children's book exhibition", 7 Dec.

2005 A lecture at Albertini Academy in torino (in Italy) on "cultural and academic dialogue between different cultures to enrich visual and artistic culture of art learner, 11 June.

2005 A seminar at Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum on "Art and its role in culturing society", 14 Aug.

Artistic Activities:

Participated in more than 50 private and public exhibitions inside and outside Egypt .

A selection of some individual exhibitions:

1994 Earth Mythology (Zamalek Arts complex), AugEarth Mythology (Zamalek Arts complex), Aug.

1996 Myth sequences (Zamalek Arts complex), March.

1997 Chamber Drawings (Cairo Atelier), Mar.

1999 Chamber Drawings (Zamalek Arts complex), Jan.

2001 Chamber Drawings (Zamalek Arts complex), Feb.

2002 The Egyptian Academy in Rome, June.

2003 Chamber Drawings sequences (Zamalek Arts Complex), June.

2005 Exhibition at fine Arts Albertini Academy in Torino Italy, June.

A Selection of public Exhibitions:

1989, 1990, 1991, 1995 Pioneers Exhibition.

1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 Youth Salon.

1997, 1999, 2001, 2003 The National Exhibition.

1998, 1990, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Little Works salon.

1993, 1994, 1995 Homeland x 1 Society Exhibition.

1995 Contemporary Egyptian Art Exhibition (Vienna),Oct.

2005 Dream Mythology (Italian Cultural Center).

1997 Contemporary Egyptian Art Exhibition (Pakistan),April 1997.

1999 Contemporary Egyptian Art exhibition (Jordan),June 1999.

1999 Contemporary Egyptian Art exhibition (Qatar),Oct 1999.

2001 Contemporary Egyptian Art exhibition (Tunisia),May 2001.

2000 Contemporary Egyptian Art exhibition (Sharjah),Sept 2000.

2000 Commission of contemporary Egyptian Art Exhibition in the United Arab. Emirates Where I proposed and theorized The title for this exhibition:" Creative dialogue paradoxes of contemporary Egyptian art at the beginning of the 21st Century",Oct 2000.

2002 Silver Jubilee Exhibition (celebrating the 25th anniversary of Arts Complex) at Zamalek,Oct 2002.

2004 First International Alexandria Biennial for Artist's Book.

2004 Exhibition of "Salon Stars" parallel to the sixth youth Salon in which winners of the different salon prizes are honored.

2004 Exhibition of contemporary Egyptian Art (Germany) accompanying Frankfurt International Book Fair,Sept 2004.

2005 Contemporary Egyptian and Korean Art Exhibition entitled "Art and soul" at Opera House Arts Palace.

2005 Exhibition at the Egyptian Cultural Center in Rome.

2006 Nominated by Ministry of Culture and Faculty of art Education (Helwan University) to participate in the 29th National exhibition in 2005 in commemoration of 100 Years of the Egyptian plastic arts movement journey( Arts Palace-Art Education Faculty ) . The 1st International Annual web exhibition 2006.


1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 Workshop in collaboration with the General organization for culture Houses ( Suez, Luxor, Assiut, Tanta, Shalateen, Halayeb, Cairo).

1995 Critique Workshop and research paper recording at the International conference of plastic Art critics in International association, the Egyptian Section AICA on "The relation between the artist, the critic, and the recipient" Egyptian AICA prize for young Critics.

1998 Luxor Workshop and studies, March.

2000 Prepared, organized, and ran a workshop in the United Arab Emirates about the concept of "Form, symbol, and sign.

2000 Workshop Within an exchange program between the professors of Helwan University and san Jose University California ( Museum Fellowship program) sponsored by Fulbright Organization.

2001, 2002 Art Workshops at psychological Health Hospitals at Abbasia and Helwan.

2002 Plastic Arts syndicate Workshops to sponsor the Palestinian Intefada.

2003 Workshops at Children's park in Sayeda Zeinab (Wall Paintings for the park).

2003 Workshop for children's at Zamalek Arts complex accompanying the artist's George Fikry's exhibition (A wall painting 24 meters x 2 meters) using different materials.

2003 Workshops at Alexandria Library project of "My Beautiful country panorama" Which included ten governorates, and a workshop in Assiut governorate.

2004 various workshops for children at the General Organization for culture Houses (Suzanne Mubarak's culture House , the Specialized child Culture House), (Child cultural National Center The cultural park for children at Sayeda Zeinab), plastic Arts sector (Zamalek Arts Complex)

2005 Prepared, organized, and ran an international Workshop (at Torino's Art Academy, Italy) entitled "From earth to the heart",June 2005.

2005 Workshops at the Ministry of youth and Sports accompanying child Book Fair, nov.2004. - Prepared, organized, and ran an international Workshop (at Torino's Art Academy, Italy) entitled "From earth to the heart" June 2005.

2005 Participation in Workshops in Rome's studies University La sapensa with Professor Lowisa Bongrami and a field study of the Workshops accompanying the governmental institute for the deaf with professor simoniti Meragna.


In Egypt: Helwan University, Faculty of Art Education's Museum at Zamalek, Museum of Art Education Faculty in Menya, Modern Art Museum Arts Academy in Torino (Italy), The General Authority for culture Houses, Ministry of culture, the supreme council for youth and sport, Upper Egypt's Society for Education and Development, and special collections with individuals in Egypt and some Arab and foreign countries. Won many prizes and appreciation Certificates in the fields of drawing, photography, and engraving, in pioneers, contests, youth salon, and the fifth International Cairo Biennial.