Mostafa Abdel Moity
Mostafa Abd El-Motty

Born in Alexandria, of Egypt in 1938. He got the degree from the Academy of  Fine Arts in Alexandria (Department of Painting) 1962. Immediately after the degree he becomes Professor at the Faculty. He is one of the founders of the ‘Experimental Group’ created in 1958. Abdel Moity was granted a scholarship offered by the Egyptian government for the studies on Upper Egypt, and then later for the Northern part of the Delta.

In 1974, he takes part in a governmental expedition to Spain. He was later nominated as a professor of Art from the San Fernando Academy of Art, where he obtained the Diploma of ’ Restoration’, and the Diploma of ‘ Mural Painting’.

He becomes member of the World Congress of Contemporary Art in Venice, in 1985, and is elected Vice President the same year. He occupied the post of Head of the Egyptian Academy in Rome in 1988.

The latest work of the artist is abstract and is characterized by aggressive bold lines of colors, underlined by the expert use of shade and light that gives depth and meaning to his canvas. Circles, triangles are used extensively in his work, together with other geometrical patterns, evoking notions of outer space and infinity.

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§        Born in Alexandria of Egypt in 1938.
§        He got the degree in Fine Arts in Alexandria, Department of painting in 1962.
§        Immediately after the degree he becomes professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Alexandria.
§        He is a member who founded the experimental group created in 1958 from the following artists from Alexandria: Mahmoud Abdallah – Said Al Adwi – Moustafa Abdel Moity.
§        He got a scholarship offered by the Egyptian Government for studies on Upper Egypt and organized an exhibition held in Alexandria in 1966 and in 1968 in Cairo on the subject: Aswan Big Dam.
§        He gets a scholarship from the Egyptian Government for the study of the northern part of delta of Egypt.
§        In 1972 he presents his M.A. degree with the subject of the “ the crisis of contemporary man in its multifolded aspects”. He takes part n 1974 in a governmental expedition to Spain. He gets the nomination as a professor of Arts issued by San Fernando Academy of Madrid University, equivalent to the P.h. D. he got from the Egyptian University in 1977.
§        In 1977 he gets the diploma of mural painting from San Fernando Academy of Madrid University in Spain.
§        He gets the diploma of restauration at San Fernando Academy in Madrid.
§        Vice Minister of cultural and general director of the national center of arts and literature since 1980 to 1988.
§        1983 He is a member of the National Specialized Congress in Cairo.
§        He becomes members of the world congress of the contemporary art in Venice in 1958 and is elected Vice – President in the same year.
§        Since the end of the fifties he has been cooperating with the greatest part of the exhibitions organized.
§        Vice Minister of Culture and Director of the Egyptian Academy in Rome in 1988 General Commissary of the Egyptian area at Colombo Exposition 1992 in Genoa in the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America – 1992.
§        Member of the Honorary Committee headed by the President of the Italian Republic for Venice “ Biennale” – on Sacred Architecture 1992.
§        He is the recipient of the State Appreciation awarded for the year 2002.

Personal Exhibition in EGYPT

§        Gallery of Expositions of the building of freedom for Cultural Alexandria
§        Gallery of Expositions of the Yugoslavian Center of Cairo in 1968
§        Gallery in the building of Culture at Kafr El Shaikh in 1968
§        Gallery of Expositions of the two Wanly Brothers at the building for freedom in cultural in 1969
§        Gallery of the Fine Arts museum in Alexandria in 1969
§        Gallery Muhammad Nagy at the Building of Culture of Anfush in Alexandria in 1970
§        Gallery of Exposition of the Syrian club in Alexandria in 1970
§        Gallery of Exposition of Russian Cultural Center in Cairo in 1973
§        Gallery of Exposition of Fine Arts of Bab El Luq in 1973
§        Gallery of Exposition of the Russian Cultural Center in Alexandria in 1974
§        Gallery of Exposition of Goethe Cultural Center in Alexandria in 1978.
§        Gallery of Exposition Akhnaton at the Center of Fine Arts of Zamalek – Cairo in 1983.
§        Gallery of the Expositions Muhammad Nagi at the Building of Cultural of Anfush in 1983 Goethe Institute in Alexandria in 1986

Personal Exhibition in SPIAN:

1974 Thebes Gallery of Madrid: painting and drawing
1974 Maurro Gallery of Santander: painting
1975 Gallery Faumis of Madrid: painting and drawing
1976 Gallery Mastri Matio of La Coruna: painting and drawing
1977 Gallery Iho di Caceres: painting and drawing
        Gallery Mastri Matio of La Corune: painting and drawing
1977 Gallery Faunis of Madrid: painting and drawing
Personal Exhibition in


1990 Gallery “Studio-S” –Rome
1991 Gallery “ Il Traghetto” – Venice
Collective Exhibition Abroad
1974 Gallery of Madrid – Circle Two
1974 Gallery Roeda of Madrid
1974 Gallery Nobart of Madrid
1974 Exposition of Contemporary Art – Institute of Islamic Studies of Madrid
1974 Gallery Thebes of Madrid
1975 Competition at the Gallery Circle Two of Madrid for small sculpture
1975 Exhibition of the artists of gallery Faumis: Madrid and Barcellona
1976  Gallery Iho of Caceres
1976 Gallery Circle two of Madrid
1976 Exposition Institute of Islamic Studies of Madrid
1977 Gallery Thebes of Madrid
1985 Exhibition at Hall of Expositions on invitation of the Cultural committee, of Arts and Literature of Kuwait
1988 Gallery “ Studio-S” Rome
1989 Gallery “ Studio-S” Rome
1989 Exposition of Egyptian Art of the twentieth Century – Academy of Egypt – Rome
1991 Diamonds Palace at Ferrara
1991 Exhibition “ Studio –S” Rome

International Exhibitions:

1968 Exhibition of Egyptian Cultural Art
1969 Biennial of young people in Paris
1970 Biennial of Alexandria for the Mediterranean Countries
1971 Exhibition of Artists from Alexandria in Yugoslavia
1971 Exhibition of Egyptian artist in Czechoslovakia
1980 Exhibition of Egyptian Contemporary art in Mexico
1981 Exhibition of Egyptian Contemporary art in Greece
1981 Exhibition for the Fiftieth year of Egyptian contemporary Art in Italy
1982 Festival on today’s Egypt in the United States of America
1983 Exhibition of Egyptian Art at Grosseto Festival in Italy
1984 Exhibition of Egyptian contemporary art in Germany
1985 Exhibition of contemporary art at Grosseto Festival in Italy

Collections in museums:

§              Museum of the Arab Institute in Paris
§              Museum of Titograd in Yugoslavia
§              Museum of Islamic Modern Art – Amman – Jordan
§              Collection of the Superior council of Arts and Literature, Kuwait
§              Museum of Modern Art – Cairo
§              Museum of Modern Art of Alexandria
§              Museum of Fine Arts Faculty in Alexandria
§              Museum of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo
§              Museum of the Faculty of Fine Arts at El Minia
§              Museum of the Opera House in Cairo
§              Museum of the National Congress in Cairo

Private Collections:

§              U.S.A, Spain, France, Australia, Mexico, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Yugoslavia, Federal Germany, Italy, Arab Gulf, Great Britain, Venezuela, Russia, Egypt.

Achievements (1980-1988) as a Director of the National Center of Figurative Arts

He organized the Gallery of Nile, the greatest hall for art exhibitions in Egypt in 1984.

He organized Cairo International Biennale of which he was appointed President in its editions of 1984 and 1986.

He organized the Egyptian Section of the Yugoslavian Museum of Titograd, which is considered as the greatest section of the museum, and containing about eighty artistic works offered upon his request by the Egyptian artists.

He organized Mahmoud Said Center in Alexandria, the greatest cultural center of Egypt including three museums:

§              Mahmoud Said Museum the restoration of which has been completed.
§              The Museum Seif and Adham Wanli.
§              The Modern Art Museum Focusing on Alexandria School.
§              He organized in two occasions, at Mahmoud Said’s Center, the greatest art gallery which was given its name in the memory the Ahmed Osman, founder of the Fine Arts Faculty in Alexandria.
§              He organized in the Above Center the first Studio for Alexandria Artist.
§              As it concern the Fine Arts Center in Zamalek , Which had a unique hall for Exhibitions, Akhnaton hall and which has been restored , he added four more halls : Akhnaton two, Akhnaton three , Akhnaton four.
§              He created the garden of the Fine Arts’ center, by creating a hall of sculptures and ceramics at the open air, and putting inside all the exposition halls the most modern means and devices in the world.
§              He created the Gallery of Peace inside the museum Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil, organizing it as a museum for the private collection of Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil.
§              He created the hall of Tissues in Helwan.
§              He organized the Modern Art Museum in Cairo in 1985.

As President of the artistic Commission for the artistic preparation of Cairo Congress Gallery, he was granted an amount of the one million pounds in order to buy artistic works of the Egyptian artists.

President of the Commission for the artistic patrimony of the state for a period of eight years from 1980 to 1988

He planned the so-called specific exhibition at the Gallery of Nile, by organizing these several exhibitions among which:

§              The European exposition of sculpture of the wealth of governmental museums.
§              The Egyptian Contemporary sculpture exhibition starting by the artist Mukhtar until today’s artist.
§              The exposition of the Egyptian contemporary ceramic, starting from the Said El Sadr until the young ceramists.
§              Other exhibitions in the framework of specific exhibitions
§              He has been working since 1986 for the Egyptian participation to the Biennial of Havana (Cuba).
§              He worked in favour of the increase of the amount of the prizes granted by Alexandria Biennale exhibition for which he prepared the catalogue, under request of the Ministry of Culture.

He created the medal for the Biennale exhibition, therefore giving value to the quality of the exposition, by dividing the prizes of this exhibition by sections:

§              Prizes of the Egyptian section, which become national prizes and prizes for other sections considered at an international level.

He organizes the great majority of the artistic examinations, whose prizes were given for the first time in Egypt, in various sectors:

§              Examination Mukhtar for Sculpture
§              Examination of photography with various subjects
§              Examination of slides
§              Examination of drawing
§              Examination for publicity

He controlled all museums depending of the National Center and especially:

§              Al Gezira Museum
§              Mohamed Nagi Museum
§              Museum of the House of Ibn Luqman at Mansoura
§              Museum of Karmet  Ibn Hane’  “The poet Ahmed Shawqi”
§              Museum of the House of the Nation “ House of Said Zagloul”
§              Moustafa Kamel’s Museum

He made an agreement with the French Embassy and his Counsellor for the restauration of the artistic works existing at the Al Gazira Museum and at Mohamed Khalil Museum, by starting with the French collection and completing the exhibition in Paris, with an invitation to all the international financial sorces to cooperate preparation in consideration of its artistic value