Mohamed El Fayoumi

Born in El Fayoum in 1963, Mohamed El Fayoumi grew to be a distinctive figurative sculptor and a member of the Mahmoud mokhtar Association, the Cairo Atelier and the syndicate of Plastic Artists.

Strongly influenced by the Egyptian heritage, from the ancient Egypt to modern folklore, Fayoumi strives to achieve sensuousness through form. His usually voluptuous figures or creatures may appear heavy and round, yet exude the light-hearted cheerfulness- and sometimes the smirk satire - of the hearty Egyptian culture.

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Mohamed El Fayoumi

El Fayoumi's orginal art earned him several prizes. In Fact he is the recipient of the 3rd Prize at the 5th and 7th Youth Salon, the 1st Prize at the Cairo Biennale for Ceramics. He also received Certificates of the appreciation from the Mokhtar Museum, from the 1st Sculpture Symposium in Bahrain, and that of the Alay in Lebanon.

Three monumental figures entitled "Human Emotions" are on display at the Reception of the luxurious Fairmount Hotel "Nile City"  in Cairo.