Yasmine El Hazek

Yasmine El Hazek is Egyptian, born and raised. At merely 24 years old she has developed a keen sense to people, and has devoted her life to portraying them through her artwork. As can be construed by the title of the collection, "WE THE PEOPLE" the art is solely about representing the faces of people that Yasmine has encountered through her everyday life. She is highly influenced by all the different faces that our country has to offer, and especially by the variety of expressions that consumes them.

Yasmine would frequently roam the streets of Cairo and sketch the people to capture the beauty that every other passer-by would easily overlook. "I have always been fascinated by peoples expressions and always want to know the feelings behind them," says Yasmine. She could easily find herself lost in areas of Cairo she had never visited, and uses that as an opportunity to see and meet new faces for her sketches.

She explains that when she frequents heavily populated areas, and sees all the categories of people dealing with each other, she gets a better sense to how she can channel that energy.

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  Artist Biography

1989 Born and raised in Egypt

2006 Visited New York as well as Los Angeles seeking diversity in culture before the exhibition titled: "expressions and the meanings behind them".

2006 Traveled to USA for a short-course in Art and Architecture, as well as Contemporary art in UCLA.

2007 Graduated from the American International School in Egypt, holding a higher level International Baccalaureate certificate in Arts.

2007 Solo exhibition in school representing two years of work to a panel, and receiving one of the highest scores in the grade. This exhibit "expressions and the meanings behind them", paved the road and interest in studying human expression, people and cultures.

2012 Graduated from the American University in Cairo with the following courses:

  • Introduction to drawing
  • Calligraphy
  • Teachings kids art

2013 taught IB art to myp1, myp2, and myp3 at Green Land School.

2013 taught IB Design Technology to myp3 at Green Land School.

2013 Supervised the personal projects for IB students based on their creativity and artistic experimentation.

2013 Solo exhibition "We the People" at Zamalek art gallery

2013 Started taking art lessons with Magd El Segini, focusing on all the educational elements.

2014 Part of the Masterpieces exhibition in Zamalek art gallery featuring prominent artists.

2015 Birth of the new artistic group "Futuristic Nostalgia", including Dr. Farghali Abdel Hafiz, Carelle Homsy, Amina El Demirdash, and myself. Exhibition took place in March at Zamalek Art Gallery and is an on going work.

2015 Studied at Academia D'arte Firenze, for an intensive 2-month program:

  • Contemporary painting techniques
  • Sculpting
  • Mosaic

2015 Awarded artist of the month in Academia D’arte Firenze

2015 Part of the Masterpieces XIV exhibition; collaborative summer art exhibition at Zamalek Art Gallery.

2015-2016 Solo exhibition "Blossoming in Firenze" at Zamalek Art Gallery (Dec.-Jan).

2016 Part of the group exhibition for the purpose of raising funds for Manial Palace Museum.

2016 Part of the collective summer XV exhibition, which displayed around 70 exclusive paintings and sculptures for prominent and promising talents.