Saleh Abdel Sabour
Saleh Abdel Sabour
Technical Statement

I started printmaking since I was 11 years old, I worked with many different techniques but since 2007 I'm concentrating on a new technique which I called relief marble: I engrave a kind of Egyptian marble by acids then print it like wood cut hand printing which allows me to work on large format of prints such as 140x140cm.
Also, I work with a kind of Dry point by using Angle Grinder and Drill, and I found myself working freely with this technique in a group of prints called "Energy exchange".
I think that any good printmaker can use any materials and tools to produce good prints.

Artist Statement

"Marks from memory"

Memories of our lives are stored on papers.
Letters, stamps, birth and graduation certificates are all among our memory holders.
In this group of my prints I’m trying to rebuild some of the lost memories of my life by incorporating different visual images that once meant something to me our played a role in my past life. In the same time theses visual elements trigger a mixture of feelings that still exist in my subconscious and they may mean something to others.

"Energy exchange"

In my work I'm concentrating on the energy exchange between people, some people bring me positive energy, some others bring negative energy.
After recognizing what is the positive and the negative, I'm trying to receive the positive energy avoiding the negative one, also I think that it's a general case.
So be sure which kind of energy you send or receive.

Artist Collection:
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  Artist Biography
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Born in Cairo in 1976.
Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts - Graphic Section.

Private Exhibitions:
Anfoushy Cultural Palace - Alexandria.
Kafr El-Sheikh Cultural Palace.
El-Menia Cultural Palace.

Group Exhibitions:
Participated in student exhibitions with the Faculty of Fine Arts from 1995 to1999.
The 9th Youth Salon, 1997.
The 11th Youth Salon, 1999.
The 14th Youth Salon, 2002.
The 17th Youth Salon, 2006.
The 18th Youth Salon, 2007.
The 3rd Annual Salon of small art works, 1999.
Participated in the competition "The Civilization & Danger”, held by the Syndicate for Plastic Arts, Cairo, 1998.
Participated in The National Exhibition, 2001.
Participated in the Contemporary Egyptian Engraving Exhibition - Cairo Atelier, 2002.
The 4th Egyptian International Trienalle of printmaking, 2003.
Contemporary Egyptian Engraving Exhibition in Nebraska University – USA, 2003.
"Intaglio Collective exhibition" Zamalek Art Gallery, Cairo, 2004.
The 5th Egyptian International Trienalle of printmaking, 2006.
Imagining the Book Biennale, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, 2007.

First Prize of the competition "The Civilization & Danger", held by the Syndicate for Plastic Arts, 1999.
First Prize of the 5th Egyptian International Trienalle of printmaking, 2006.
The 18th Youth Salon's Prize, 2007.

Modern Art Museum, Cairo, Egypt.
Sharm El Sheikh Congress Hall, Egypt.
Private collectors from Egypt – Germany – Kuwait.