Abd El Rahman El Nachar

Born in 1923, Abdel Rahman El Nachar obtained his PHD in Art (Painting), from the Faculty of Arts at Helwan University in 1978. El Nachar was awarded the First Class Decoration of Arts from the State for his distinguished achievement in Painting in 1980, the first prize in painting at the Cairo Salon in 1986, and later, the First prize of the 4th Biennale in 1992. Most of his work is now exhibited in El Nachar/Al Sageny Museum, located on the Alexandria-Cairo Desert Road.

In the early stages of his artistic career, El Nachar depicted themes that adhered to reality of everyday life through a combination of both expressionism and surrealism. It was later that his approach has changed, moving towards Abstract Art. During the last 10 years of his artistic life, before his demise in 1999, El Nachar ventured into the realm of Islamic Art, a primary medium of geometric abstraction.

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  Artist Biography

Professor of Painting, Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University, Cairo.
Chairman of the Painting Department & Ex_vice Dean of the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University, Cairo.

1956 Diploma: Faculty of Fine Arts, Cairo.

1957 Diploma: High Institute of Art Education, Cairo.

1968 Scholarship from U.A.R Ministry of Culture.

1970 Diploma: Budapest Art Academy.

1978 Ph.D. Art Education major (Painting), Helwan University Cairo.

1980 Member of Axis Art Group.

1987 Ex. Deputy of Egyptian Visual Art Syndicate.



1960 Museum of Modern Art, Cairo.

1960 Alexandria Atelier.

1963 Museum of Art, Cairo.

1965 Akhnaton Gallery, Cairo.

1970 Socialist Union hall, Budapest.

1975 Cairo Atelier.

1976 International Monetary Fund, Washington, D.C.

1980 Goethe-Institute, Cairo.

1987 Akhnaton Gallery-Center of Arts, Cairo.

1996 Akhnaton Gallery-Center of Arts, Cairo. Retrospective.

1997 Extra Gallery.

2000 Akhnaton Gallery-Center of Arts, Cairo.

2001 Zamalek Art Gallery.


Group Shows:

1981 First Installation Axis Group, El-Salam Gallery.

1982 Second Installation Axis Group, El-Manesterly Gallery.

1985 Third Installation Axis Group, Asilla Morocco.

1986 The Second Biennial, HavanaCuba.

1986 Venice Biennial 43 Th.

1992 The 4th Cairo Biennial – First Prize Painting.

1994 Axis Group Monumental Mural – Center for International Fairs-Cairo.

1994 Axis Group show 22nd Soe Poulo.


Abdel Rahman El-Nachar Participated in Numerous Exhibitions in Egypt & abroad. He was awarded the First Prize in painting by Cairo Salon in 1986. He was awarded the honorary prize and the First Class Decoration of Arts from the State for his distinguished achievement in Painting 1980. & The First Prize of Painting in Cairo 4th Biennial 1992. His works is represented in museum collection in Cairo, Alex. ,  Budapest and in other Numerous private collection in some European and American states.


And about the museum In the 60 s of the 20th century, the damage of his first and primer artwork has struck Abd El Rahman El-Nachar as a novice artist, leaving behind a sorrow that has long settled in his mind. This memory has been further emphasized by the loss of several works of a number of Egyptian intellect artists, some of which have acutely marked on the contemporary artistic movement in Egypt.

Accordingly, devoted Nachar, the professor and the artist anticipated the danger of missing the link, of creative thoughts/principles between generations. Such an aspect has shaped a threat of losing the revolutionary pioneering attempts of the time. Just then, a dream of a private collection reservoir his evolved in Nachar mind, a place where he ensures a permanent exhibition of his works for the public as well as for budding artists.

Years and years, works and creations, with the dream never departing. Obstacles and constraints, challenges and sacrifices, then a leave. If El-Nachar has passed away before seeing his own dream comes true, it is for his devoted wife, Zeinab El-Seginy and their committed daughter, Eman, who have together materialized the wish into reality. May Abdel Rahman El-Nachar now rest in peace in his eternal sleep