Farghali Abdel Hafiz
One of Egypt's outstanding experimental artists, Farghali Abdel Hafiz was born in Dairout, Upper Egypt
Born in Dairout, Middle Egypt, in 1941. A graduate of the Institute of Art Education and the Academy of Fine Art in Florence. He was elected, in 1989 Dean of Faculty of Art Education until 1994 and ever since has been a Faculty Professor.
Abdel Hafiz reprensented Egypt in several Biennales, including the Biennale of Sao Paolo 1985 (one man show), the Biennale of Venice in 1972, 1987 and in 1993 (one-man-show), First Biennale of China. 2002 He participated in the Exhibition titled “The other side of the Mediterranean” at the Muvim Museum, Valencia, Spain.
Over and above, the artist has held over 40 private exhibitions, and participated in over 20 international exhibits in USA & Europe. Abdel Hafiz is the recipient of several awards, gold medals and honorary certificates in National and International Exhibitions.
Abdel Hafiz designed stage scenes, lighting effects for the Opera Aida at the Prague Opera House, Czechoslovakia.
Since 1997, 3 books were published describing the artist and his art, entitled respectively: “Farghali”, “Excavations for Spiritual Energies”,“the Legendary of Petra”.
Farghali's work is mainly rooted in his identification, with his environment. His current working space is Dahshour, one of the most historical sites in Egypt, a place which provides a quiet and spiritual environment .
It is worth mentioning that in 1981 Abdel Hafiz founded with three other Artists the Axis Group, which is one of the most important art movements in Post-Modernism era in Egypt.This group designed and executed the art work at the International Conference Center in Egypt.
Also his work is exhibited in several museums around the world, as well as major Banks and international Institutions.
Througout his outstanding career, Farghali explored with all kinds of styles. His brushstrokes always typically spontaneous, underlying his bold and daring personality, his choice of colors never stopped to develop. He experienced different media such as oil, watercolour,pencils, acrylics, corn stalk, sand, mud, clay and metals. Fraghali is considered an exceptional multi faceted and versatile artist.
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Farghali Abdel Hafiz Biography

1941     Born in Dairout, Middle Egypt, He received his general education in Dairout.

1958     He traveled to Cairo and joined the Institute of Art Education.

1959     He visited Syria and its monumental and artistic landmarks in Damascus,

            Allepo, Latakia and Hamat.

1962     He graduated from the Institute of Art Education and obtained his Bachelor degree in Art Education.

            In August that year, he became Assistant Professor in the same Institute.

He founded with four of his colleagues: Ali Nabil, Nabil Al Husseni, Al Dawakhli and Reda Zaher the Group of Five Artists.                                   

He traveled to the old Nubia, before the Nile flooding, caused by the dam where he painted, and was very affected by its culture, as well as by  its artistic and spiritual mystic.

1964     He traveled to Italy, for the first time, and stayed for one month where he visited the landmarks and the museums of Rome & Venice.                                   

Then he traveled to England where he stayed for a month, and visited the  landmarks and museums of London, Oxford and Stratford.

            He traveled to Athens in Greece, for the First time, and visited Acropolis

1965     He traveled again to Italy on a governmental scholarship to study in the Academy of Fine arts in Rome for a whole school year.

1966     He was transferred to the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence until his graduation.

1967     He graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in Florence.

1968     He returned to Cairo, where he became a Professor of Art & Design in the University of Helwan.

1981     He founded with three of his colleagues: Al Nashar, Al Razzaz and Nawar the Axis Group.

1984     He created his own personal atelier in Dahshour.

1989     He was elected Dean of Faculty of Art Education until 1994 and since then he   has been a Professor there.

1994     Designed stage scenes, Lighting effects for “Opera Aida”, for the Opera Prague Theatre.

            Appointed as Curator of Sao Paolo Biennale, Brazil.

1996     Appointed as General Curator for the International Cairo Biennale.

1997     A book about him was published, titled “Farghali” by Al Balka art Gallery,  Amman –Jordan-Khaldoon Al Dawood.

            Appointed as Curator of the International Biennale of Venice for Egypt.

          Another book was published for him, entitled “Excavations for Spiritual Energies,” which held an interview between him and the writer Nabil Farag.

1997     A 3rd book was published about him entitled “the Legendary of Petra,” by Al Balka’s Art Gallery –Amman –Jordan-Khaldoon Al Dawood.


The artist:

Member of the Writers and Artist atelier of Cairo.

Member in the Syndicate of Artist, where he was elected during the 80,s as a general secretary.

Member in the Plastic Shaping Committee in the higher Council of Culture from 1981 to 1997.

Member in the Association of the Friends of Fine Art in Florence, Italy.

Member in the Association of the Friends of Fine Art in Cairo, Egypt.

Was a member of the Egyptian Higher Council Administration of Aida until 1997.

Member in the Ghoury Artistic Association.

Member of Jury Committees of the Incentive State Awards.

Supervised a large number of thesis’s  relative P.H.D. and Master degrees.

Gave Lectures on art in  Egypt, Arab and International Artistic Movements in Egypt & abroad..



Private Exhibitions:

1963     The Group of Five Artisrs, Egypt.

1964     Akhnaton Art Gallery , Kasr El Nile , Egypt.

1965     Museum of Fine Art, Alexandria, Group of Five Artists.

1969     Akhnaton Art Gallery , Kasr El Nile , Egypt.

1972      Lo-sprone Art Gallery , Florence – Italy.

1972     International Biennial of Venice, Venice –Italy.

1973      Marscroni Art Gallery , Florence –Italy.

1973     Venti-Tre Art Gallery, Brecia-Italy.

1974      Barioni Art Gallery , Florence –Italy .

1981      Mahmoud Khalil Museum. Gezira-1St Exhibit for the Axis Group, Egypt.

1982      Egyptian Culture Center, Paris –France.

1983      Manesterly Palace Art Gallery –2nd exhibition of the Axis Group, Egypt.

1985      Sao Paolo Biennale , Barzil – One Man show.

1987      International Biennale Venice –Italy. 

1989      Egyptian Academy For Arts, Rome –Italy

1993      International Biennale of Venice –Italy –One Man Show

1995      Akhnaton Art Gallery , Zamalek, Egypt.

2000     Eugenie Salon, 100 Anniversary of the Historial Old Cataract Hotel, Aswan

2000     Gezira Museum of Art – Zamalek, Egypt.

2002     Zamalek Art Gallery.Titled “Cairo”,Egypt.

2002     Muvim Museum, Valencia, Spain.

2003      Zamalek Art Gallery, Titled “Florence”,Egypt.

2003      First Biennale of Beijing- China.

2003      Zamalek Art Gallery, Titled  “Alexandria”, Egypt.

2005      Zamalek Art Gallery, Titled  “The Life on the Banks of the Dead Sea Exhibition”, Egypt.

2006      Zamalek Art Gallery, Titled  “ASWAN”, Egypt.

2007      Zamalek Art Gallery, Titled  “LONDON”, Egypt.

2008      Zamalek Art Gallery, Titled  “EGYPTIAN WOMAN”, Egypt.

2009      Zamalek Art Gallery, Titled  “ISTABUL”, Egypt.

2010      Zamalek Art Gallery, Titled  “THE NILE”, Egypt.

2012      Zamalek Art Gallery, Titled  “PARIS”, Egypt.


Major Awards:

1963      First Prize in Pioneers Exhibition, Cairo.

1966      First Prize in Sculpting Salon, Cairo.

1969      Honor Certificate for the International Exhibition –Bulgaria.

1969      First Prize in Graphic at the Alexandria Biennale for Mediterranean       Countries.

1976      State Prize Painting.

1976      State Prize and Order of Sciences and Arts First Degree.

1988      First Prize in Painting –International Biennale in Cairo.

             Several Gold Medals and Honorary Certificates in National and

             International  Exhibitions.


Museums’ Aquisitions:

Museum of Modern Arts, Cairo.

National Museum of Jordan, Amman.

Villaggi Contemporary Art Museum in Catania-Italy.

National Museum of Belgrade.

Museum of Egyptian Modern Art-Alexandria.

Museum of Faculty of Arts- Menia, Egypt.

Museum of Faculty of Art Education, Cairo Egypt.

Arab Fund for Development Collection, Kuwait.

Opera House Collection, Cairo, Egypt.

El Ahram Collection, Cairo, Egypt.

Conference Hall Museum of Cairo Collection, Egypt.

El Shona Collection Alexandria, Egypt.

Roma Balqaa Art Collection –Amman, Egypt.

Mahmoud Said Museum Alexandria, Egypt.

Museum of fine Arts Alexandria, Egypt.

International Bank Collection , Cairo, Egypt.

Misr Development Bank, Cairo, Egypt

Private Collection in Egypt & many other Countries.