Ayman El Semary
Ayman Al Semary

Born (in 1965) and brought up in the Egyptian Countryside where he is currently living. Al Semary had always been a passionate of Nature. The rich greenery of the Egyptian environment inspired him since his early days. Al Semary studied at the Art's Education College; he then joined the staff of the Arts Education College, teaching Art for younger generations. He got his Masters in Reformulation of Artwork, and got his PHD in 2001 in the primary dimensions in postmodernism arts.

In 2002 his Artworks were featured at the contemporary Egyptian art exhibition, China. In 2000 he represented Egypt at Croatia Biennale. Al Semary represented Egypt at the Alexandria International Biennial, Fine arts Museum- Alexandria, in 2001.

In 2004 he participated in workshop on ''Contemporary Egyptian Art'', Riyadh - Saudi Arabia. He participated in the contemporary Egyptian Art Exhibition in Prague. In 2006 he participated in the contemporary Egyptian art Exhibition- Abu Dhabi as well as in the Contemporary Egyptian art Exhibition, in Algeria Al Semary was nominated to represent Egypt at the Venice International Biennale.

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Ayman Al Semary

Ayman El Semary

Born Kafr Shukr- Kalubia, Egypt, 1965.
M.A., painting Helwan University, Egypt,1995.
Ph. D. art education, painting department, Helwan University, Egypt, 2001.
The Faculty of Art Education.
Member, Cairo & Alexandria Atelier for Artist & Writers.
Member, Plastic Artists Syndicate.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

Alexandria International Symposium, Sculpture in Natural Materials, Egypt, 2008.
Townhouse on Site Gallery, Sequoia, Zamalek, Egypt, 2007.
Ebdaa Art Gallery, Mohandseen, Giza, Egypt, 2007.
The American University in Cairo, Egypt, 2007.
Gezira Art Center, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt,2006.
Albertini Academy, Torino, Italy, 2005.
The Egyptian & Swiss Flat countries with artist Romano Delakezia, Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo, Egypt, 2004.
Chamber drawing sequences, Zamalek Arts Complex, Cairo, Egypt, 2003.
Ekhnaton 1 Gallery, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt, 2003.
The Egyptian Academy in Rome, Italy, 2002.
Kamal Khalifa Gallery, Gezira Art Centre, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt, 2002.
Chamber drawings, Zamalek Arts Complex, Cairo, Egypt, 2001.
Installation, Cairo Atelier, Zamalek Arts Complex, Egypt, 2001.
Ekhnaton 3Gallery, Gezira Art Center, Zamalek , Cairo, Egypt, 2000.
Chamber drawings, Zamalek Arts Complex, Cairo, Egypt, 1999.
The Greek Cultural Corporation Gallery, Alexandria, Egypt, 1999.
Chamber drawings, Cairo Atelier, Zamalek Arts Complex, Egypt, 1997.
Ekhnaton 3 Gallery, Gezira Art Center, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt, 1997.
Myth Sequences, Zamalek Arts Complex, Cairo, 1996.
Cairo Atelier, Zamalek Arts Complex, Egypt, 1995.
Sports Club Gallery, Kafr Shukr, Egypt, 1995.
Earth Mythology, Zamalek Arts Complex, Cairo, Egypt, 1994.
Sports Club Gallery, Kafr Shukr, Egypt, 1986.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

The Present out of the Past Millennia-Contemporary Egyptian Art, Kunst Museum, Bonn, Germany, 2007.
The Venice Biennale,2007.
Imagining the Book, International Biennial Alexandria, Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypt, 2006.
Contemporary Egyptian Art, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 2006.
Contemporary Egyptian Art, Algeria, 2006.
Contemporary Egyptian Art, Prague, Czech Republic , 2005.
Imagining the Book, International Biennial Alexandria, Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypt,2005.
Form through Light, Ramadan, Palace of Art, Cairo, 2004.
Imagining the Book, International Biennial Alexandria, Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypt,2004.
Alexandria International Biennial, The Museum of fine Arts, Alexandria, Egypt,2003.
Portrait, Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypt,2003.
Twentieth –Century Panorama- 100 Artists in Egypt, Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypt, 2003.
Contemporary Egyptian Art, Al Nitaq Festival of Art, Gresham Hotel, Cairo, Egypt, 2002.
National Exhibition, Palace of Art, Cairo, Egypt, 2001.
Al-Nitaq Festival of Art, The Greek Club, Cairo, Egypt,2000.
Workshop in Luxor studios, Egypt, 2000.
Espace Karim Francis Contemporary Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt, 2000.
The International Dubrovnik Biennial, Croatia,1999.
Shell Company Gallery, Misr El-Gedida, Egypt, 1998.
Cairo International Biennial, Egypt, 1998.
T-shirt, Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo, Egypt, 1998.
Cairo International Biennial in Ceramics, Egypt,1998.
Zeno X Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany, 1998.
Cairo Atelier Salon, Egypt, 1997.
Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo, Egypt, 1997.
Youth Salon, 2nd to 10th, Salons, Egypt, Beginning in 1990.
National Exhibition, Center of Arts, Cairo Egypt, 1996.
Alexandria Atelier, Egypt,1994.


Eighteenth Youth Salon, Cairo, Egypt, 2006.
Graphic Workshop in Conjunction with national exhibition of graphic art, Palace of Art, Cairo, Egypt,2005.
Workshop on the contemporary Egyptian painting, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia,2004.
Jury Member, 16th Youth Salon, Cairo, Egypt,2004.
The Fourth Conference of Plastic Arts, Titled Contemporary Egyptian Art & Postmodern Arts, Egypt,2004.
The international workshop for imagining the Book, 120 International artists, Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypt, 2003.


Honor Prize & Bronze medal, Alexandria Biennial, Egypt, 2003.
The Best partition Prize, International Dubrovnik Biennial, Croatia,1999.
The Jury Prize, Installation, 10th Youth Salon, Cairo, Egypt, 1998.