Zeinab Salem
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  Artist Biography
القاهرة في 5 أغسطس 2001

·        Born in Ismailia Egypt,in 1945.

·        Obtained a B.A in Aplied Arts in 1967.

·        Obtained a M.A in Applied Arts in 1974.

·        Obtained  a scholarship from the Government of Netherlands.

·        Obtained a PhD in Applied Arts in 1982.

·        Head of the Ceramic Department, Faculty of Applied Arts , Helwan University.


Membership in Art Organisations

·        Egyptian Syndicate  of Plastic Arts.

·        Egyptian Syndicate of the Designers of Applied Arts.

·        National Society of Fine Arts.




Group Exhibitions( Egypt)

1971   12th Young Artists Exhibitions.

1971   General Exhibition of Plastic Arts . also in 1973-1982, and 1988

1988   Modern Egyptian Ceramic Exhibition

1991   Art between the Nile and the Rhine,Goethe Institute,Alexandria.

1992   Egyptian Women Artists, Opera House, Cairo.

1992   1st Cairo International Triennale for Ceramics.

1993   Exhibition of the African Summit.

1994   The 2nd Cairo International Biennale for Ceramics.

1996   The 3rd Cairo International Biennale  for Ceramics.

2000   The 5th Cairo International Biennale for Ceramics


Group Exhibitions ( Abroad)

1979   A Touring Exhibition-London , Paris, Hanover.

1987   Egyptian Artists, Greece.

1987   Biennale of Small Ceramics, Zagreb, Yougoslavia.

1988   Modern Egyptian Art.

1991   Women & Art Creation- Egyptian Academy of Arts, Rome Italy

          Assila 2nd Intenational Art Festival, Morocco.

          Creative Women in the Arab World-A Touring Show in 6



One-Man Show (Egypt)

1984, 1986, 1989,1994 Akhnaton Gallery, Cairo.


One-Man Show (Abroad)

1977   The Royal Academy of Arts and Design.

1977   Akai Academy of Arts, Mastricht, Netherlands.

1977   Egyptian Academy of Arts, Rome, Italy.

2001   Egyptian Academy of Arts, Rome, Italy. 


Prizes and Awards

1971   Ceramics Prize, 12th Young Artists Exhibition.

1982   Award of the General Exhibition.

1983   Award of the General Exhibition.

1983   3rd Prize in” Shawki & Hafez”Sculpture Competition.

1984   2nd Prize of Ceramic General Exhibition.

1985   State –Encouragement Award of Ceramics.

1992  Jury’s Prize , Cairo 1st  International Triennal for Ceramics.

1995  Grand Prize , Cairo 2nd International Biennal for Ceramics.

2000  Grand Prize , Cairo 5th International Biennal for Ceramics.



·        The Egyptian Modern Art Museum.

·        Museum of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

·        Museum of Joseph Prousse Tito, Yougoslavia..

·        Museum of the Cultural Center Asila, Morocco.

·        Private collections in Netherlands, Germany, France, Morocco, Italy and Egypt.