Ayman Taher
Ayman S. Taher

An imminent artist, famous for his magnificent underwater photography, Ayman Taher 's Art subject Art is highly influenced by his long experience in producing sea world photography

Taher worked with several internationally known producers on underwater documentaries and programs such as the famous program: Nature Watch, for the British Television.

A recipient of several awards from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, Taher draws his subject matter from the sea world, but his main source of inspiration is his identification with his father, the prominent artist Salah Taher.

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  Artist Biography
Ayman S

.         Born in Cairo on January 12,1946.

.         Graduated from the College of Fine Arts 1970.

.         Held 6 one-man shows painting from the age of 12 till the age    of 20.

.         Held several collective Exhibitions in Egypt, London & Paris.

.         From 1970 till 1984 worked as Textile Designer and Producer.

.         Since 1984,he is the Manager of Aqua Marine Diving Center in Sinai on the Red Sea.

.         Worked with Bruno Vilati well-known Italian film producer on a full- length underwater documentary.

.         Worked with Jack Mayol well known for being the deepest diver.

.         Worked with Dr. Eugene Clarke, Professor of Marine Biology, University of Maryland.

.         Produced a film inn the well-known program  "Nature Watch" for Central British Television.

.         Appointed Chief Director of the first underwater "National Park" in Egypt Ras Mohamed.

.         Has been the Leading underwater photographer in the Middle East for the past 10 years.