Mohie Eldin Hussein

From: 11-10-2015 To: 2-11-2015
Zamalek Art Gallery Exhibitions for the artist:
Ceramics 14-03-2021
Ceramics 24-09-2017
Retrospective 11-10-2015
Retrospective 11-10-2015
Panorama of Egyptian Sculpture 18-10-2009
Generation in Contemporary Art 30-10-2001

Mohie El-Dine Hussein

  • Born in Mansoura on 24/10/1936.
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts Ceramics Department in 1962.
  • Recipient of the Full-Time Grant from the Ministry of Culture from 1963 until 1968 and since 1995.
  • Joined the Full-Time Artists group, Al-Ahram Foundation in 1968.
  • Member of the Fine Arts Committee, Supreme Council for Culture.
  • Recipient of several awards in the Applied Arts exhibitions at the Fine Art Lovers Society.
  • Recipient of the Cairo Salon of Ceramics' Award in 1972.
  • Founder and Curator of the Cairo International Biennale of Ceramics in 1992.
  • President of the Jury in the Cairo International Biennale of Ceramics from 1992 to 2002.
  • Founder of the Pottery Forum in Quena (Upper Egypt) in 1999.
  • Member of the Jury of Alexandria International Biennale in 1999.
  • Curator of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Symposium for Ceramic Sculpture 2011.
  • Curator of the General of the Egyptian Pavilion in Sharjah (Curator and exhibitor).

Private Exhibitions:

  • Akhnaton Gallery in 1970, 1972, 1983, 1984, 1991 and 2000
  • L'Atelier du Caire in 1973.
  • Private exhibition Copenhagen, Denmark 1976.
  • Egyptian Cultural Center in Paris, May 1978.
  • Private exhibition in his atelier in Haraneia, April 1980.
  • The Egyptian Academy in Rome, August 1980.
  • Private exhibition in Paris, November 1980.
  • The Foreign Diplomats Center, April 1981.
  • L'Atelier d'Alexandrie in 1982 and 2007
  • The Egyptian Academy in Rome, 1988.
  • Gezira Art Center, 2009.
  • An exhibition for his sculptures and ceramics at Gezira Art Center.
  • Permanent exhibition: at his own residence in Sheikh Zayed, and his atelier in Haraneia.
  • Permanent exhibition featuring 90 artworks, Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Collective Exhibitions:

  • The General Exhibition, since1962 up to the present.
  • Egyptian Cultural Center in Paris in 1978.
  • Represented Egypt in the Paris International Salon, 1979.
  • Represented Egypt in Lyon International Salon, 1981.
  • Represented Egypt in the International Ceramics Triennale in Yugoslavia, 1987.
  • The Full-Time Artists Exhibitions from 1962 to 1968 and from 1996 to 1998.
  • Venice International Biennale, 1987.
  • The International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art in Bologna, Italy in 1988.
  • Cairo Contemporary Ceramics Salon, 1988.
  • The International Ceramics Exhibition in the city (Joald Tadino), Italy, 1988.
  • Represented Egypt in the International Ceramics Exhibition in Finland, 1992.
  • Sidi Gaber Culture Palace, 1998.
  • Exhibition with artist Mustafa El-Razzaz at the Egyptian Academy in Rome, 1993.
  • Exhibition with artist Mustafa El-Razzaz at Extra Art Gallery, 1994.
  • The 8th Cairo International Biennale, 2001.
  • Participated in Alexandria International Symposium for sculpture in Natural Material since 2006.
  • Aswan International Symposium of Sculpture.
  • Matrouh Symposium of Granite carving.
  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina, 2010.


Museum of Modern Art, Almnasterly Palace - Cairo, the Egyptian Embassy - Paris, at the Council of Ministers offices, Gezira Art Center, Ismaelia Culture Palace, Sidi Gaber Culture Palace Hanager Art Center, Everson Museum in the USA, Al-Ahram Foundation, The Egyptian Academy in Rome, major hotels in Egypt and other special collections in Egypt and abroad.

Exhibition Collection:
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