Mohie Eldin Hussein

From: 14-3-2021 To: 5-4-2021
Zamalek Art Gallery Exhibitions for the artist:
Ceramics 14-03-2021
Ceramics 24-09-2017
Retrospective 11-10-2015
Retrospective 11-10-2015
Panorama of Egyptian Sculpture 18-10-2009
Generation in Contemporary Art 30-10-2001

“It is a mass that emanates from vacuum as if born out of nothingness,” said artist Hassan Soliman upon describing the urns Mohei El Din Hussein is renowned for. “It emerges in a coherent shape like an image throbbing with life and passion.”

In fact, each of Hussein’s artwork, whether an urn, a plane surface , a sculpture or other, throbs with life and is unique in terms of color, shape, suppleness, and emotion. His works are products of an urge to experiment, that has never abandoned the artist throughout sixty years of breathing life into raw argil and evoking the expertise of a brilliant artist who took the art of ceramics to another level : new and contemporary.

In a piece entitled “Mohei El Din Hussein’s artistic journey,” Dr. Moustafa El Razzaz wrote, “The artist took a strenuous path and carved a pioneering place for himself in the art, or “technique” as he likes to refer to it, of ceramics. He invested his passion in sculptures and surfaces he made through manipulating materials that are both crude and polished as well as crude, colored, and reductive and through the utilization of fire and smoke.

The status Hussein has reached in the art scene is attributed to the fact that he never took his talent for granted. He still stands in front of the furnace with the same passion that overtook him at the beginning of his journey and impatiently waits for the fire, which he managed to tame and befriend, to provide him with the product of his creativity.

Works in this exhibition are endowed with years of expertise. Some of his unique urns turn into human figures that are almost capable of conversing with viewers. Sculptures and surfaces come in enchanting forms and colors and seem to be communicating with each other. He uses multiple themes that range from natural landscape to abstraction in his surfaces. Colors merge harmoniously to create worlds that transcend all boundaries. At times, his molten shapes resemble dancing people while at others they seem like sailing boats

All the works presented at this exhibition underline his sensitivity and his connection with nature as well as with his surroundings. Once more, Mohei El Din Hussein proves that his fingers know their way through a magical world in which his creativity is manifested at its best.

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Mohie Eldin Hussein
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Mohie Eldin Hussein
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Mohie Eldin Hussein
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